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Shanghai Ciyu Information Technologies Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Ciyu Information Technologies Co., Ltd. is a high-tech sino-foreign joint venture with the latest MRAM manufacturing technologies, located in Shanghai Zhangjiang High tech Industrial Zone Jiading Park. Ciyu has been invested by several well-known VCs, private firms and Shanghai local government-guided foundations. Ciyu is the first and the only Chinese company fully dedicated to develop and deliver revolutionary products with disruptive pSTT-MRAM technologies and beyond. These new generations of memory chips have combined excellent properties of DRAM density/SRAM speed/better-than-Flash non-volatility, and further comprise ultra-low power consumption and superb reliability. With the platform of Shanghai Industrial μ Technology Research Institute (SITRI) and local government, Ciyu will develop and manufacture 3rd and 4th Gen MRAM products from a fully equipped back-end pilot line. The incoming commercial products include standalone memory, embedded memory and modular chips.